I am currently a fourth-year Ph.D student with the Advanced Computing and System Laboratory (CCNT), College of Compter Science & Technology at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. My supervisor is Prof. Jian Wu. I obtained my B.Eng. degree in Software Engineering from Northeastern University, Shenyang, China. My current research interest includes data mining, machine learning and service oriented computing, with a particular focus on natural language processing, recommender systems and deep reinforcement learning.

Office: Room 422, CaoGuangbiao Main Building, Yuquan Campus,
             Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 310027, China
Email: wanyao@zju.edu.cn
Cell: (86)187-5800-9846


What's new

  • [08/07/2018] One paper has been accepted by the Nuerocomputing.
  • [07/03/2018] One paper has been accepted by the 33rd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering.
  • [01/07/2018] One paper has been accepted by World Wide Web Journal.


  • Visting Scholar. Big Data and Social Computing Lab, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA (Jan. 2018 - Jan. 2019). Under the supervision of Prof. Philip S. Yu
  • Visting Scholar. Advanced Analytics Institute, University of Technology Sydney, Australia (Jul. 2016 - Jan. 2017). Under the supervision of Prof. Guandong Xu
  • Visting Scholar. Shenzhen Research Institute, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China (Feb. 2014 - Sep. 2014). Under the supervision of Prof. Zibin Zheng

Latest Publications

  • [NIPS2018-Workshop] Jian-Guo Zhang, Pengcheng Zou, Zhao Li, Yao Wan, Ye Liu, Xiuming Pan, Yu Gong, Philip S. Yu "Product Title Refinement via Multi-Modal Generative Adversarial Learning", NIPS workshop on Visually Grounded Interaction and Language, December 7th, 2018, Montreal, Canada. [paper]
  • [BigData2018] Yao Wan*, Wenqiang Yan*, Jianwei Gao, Zhou Zhao, Jian Wu, and Philip S. Yu, "Improved Dynamic Memory Network for Dialogue Act Classification with Adversarial Training", 2018 IEEE International Conference on BigData, December 10–13, 2018, Seattle, WA, USA. [accepted rate=98/518=18.9%][paper]
  • [Neurocomputing] Yao Wan, Guandong Xu, Liang Chen, Zhou Zhao, Jian Wu, "Exploiting Cross-source Knowledge for Warming up Community Question Answering Services", Neurocomputing, accepted (to appear), 2018. [SCI Impact Factor=3.241][paper]
  • [ASE2018] Yao Wan, Zhou Zhao, Min Yang, Guandong Xu, Haochao Ying, Jian Wu, and Philip S. Yu, "Improving Automatic Source Code Summarization via Deep Reinforcement Learning", the 33rd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, September 3–7, 2018, Montpellier, France. ACM, New York, NY, USA. [accepted rate=69/346=19.9%][paper][code]
  • [WWWJ2018] Yao Wan, Liang Chen, Guandong Xu, Zhou Zhao, Jie Tang, Jian Wu, "SCSMiner: Mining Social Coding Sites for Software Developer Recommendation with Relevance Propagation", World Wide Web Journal, accepted (to appear), 2018. [SCI Impact Factor=1.405][paper]
  • [PAKDD2017] Yuqiang Han, Yao Wan, Liang Chen, Guandong Xu, and Jian Wu, "Exploiting Geographical Location for Team Formation in Social Coding Sites", The 21th Pacific Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 2017, Jeju, South Korea, May 23-26, accepted. [accepted rate=45/458=9.8%][paper]
  • [PAKDD2016] Yao Wan, Liang Chen, Qi Yu, Tingting Liang, Jian Wu , "Incorporating Heterogeneous Information for Mashup Discovery with Consistent Regularization", The 20th Pacific Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Auckland, New Zealand, April 19-22, 2016, accepted. [accepted rate=17.3%][paper][slides]
  • [ICWS2015] Yao Wan, Liang Chen, Jian Wu, Qi Yu, "Time-aware API Popularity Prediction via Heterogeneous Features", The 22nd International Conference on Web Services, Application Track, New York, USA, June 27 - July 2, 2015, accpted.
    [accepted rate = 21.9%][paper][slides]


  • [Journal Reviewer] World Wide Web Journal (WWWJ2016, WWWJ2017)