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id 9637940
login wanyao1992
name Yao Wan
company Zhejiang University
location Hangzhou, China
bio This is Yao Wan, a PhD candidate from ZJU...
hireable True
site_admin false xx
type User
repos [12345, 23456] repos_id set user contributed to
starred [13963109, 44575398, 23655088, 13181233, 24792692, 14135053, 5798319, 16453411, 18079664, 26391281, 3403779, 13963109, 44575398, 23655088, 13181233, 24792692, 14135053, 5798319, 16453411, 18079664, 26391281, 3403779] repos_id set user starred
organizations [] organizations set user belongs to
followers [] follower id set
following [] following is set
created_at 2014-11-09T09:08:14Z
updated_at 2015-11-28T01:31:04Z
public_repos 5
public_gists 0

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has_wiki true
mirror_url null
contributors [[251370, 1],  [583231, 1],  [72919, 1]] 251370: user_id, 1: number of commits
has_pages false
updated_at 2015-12-11T04:54:15Z
private false
full_name octocat/Hello-World
owner 583231
id 1296269
size 578 bytes
network_count 1117
languages { ["C":100, "Ruby":800] }
watchers_count 1407
forks 1117
homepage “"
fork false
description This your first repo!
has_downloads true
subscribers_count 1740
default_branck “master"
subscribers [2106840, 2113861, 2119855]
has_issues true
stargazers_count 1407
open_issue_count 149
watchers 1407
name Hello-World
language null
stargazers [70, 242, 578, 8477,] stargazer id set
created_at "2011-01-26T19:01:12Z"
pushed_at "2015-11-05T07:01:26Z"
forks_count 1117
open_issues 149
_id 1296269

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_id 1
readme {content":“R3JpdAo…”,"size":6641,"type":"file","encoding":"base64"} content is the Md5 hash of readme
id 1
full_name "mojombo/grit"

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_id 44
public_repos 2
public_gists 0
public_members [123]
created_at "2008-01-24T02:08:37Z"
html_url ""
updated_at ""
followers 0
members [123,455]
following 0
login errfree
type Organization
id 44
repos [789949,2277888]

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1. {
    "id": "3531183979",
    "type": "PushEvent",
    "actor": {
        "id": 3413684,
        "login": "run100",
        "gravatar_id": "",
        "url": "",
        "avatar_url": ""
    "repo": {
        "id": 31799548,
        "name": "run100/python",
        "url": ""
    "payload": {
        "push_id": 936179851,
        "size": 1,
        "distinct_size": 1,
        "ref": "refs/heads/master",
        "head": "b82b2dc0e8334aa985c2712bc108c3ca6ed02d36",
        "before": "b6f9      80a54bcb42a5c998634a17c0c1a742c406cb",
        "commits": [
                "sha": "b82b2dc0e8334aa985c2712bc108c3ca6ed02d36",
                "author": {
                    "email": "",
                    "name": "persist8"
                "message": "dmoz",
                "distinct": true,
                "url": ""
    "public": true,
    "created_at": "2016-01-15T06:00:00Z"
2. {
    "id": "3531183992",
    "type": "IssuesEvent",
    "actor": {
        "id": 1517314,
        "login": "vfede",
        "gravatar_id": "",
        "url": "",
        "avatar_url": ""
    "repo": {
        "id": 3559019,
        "name": "nijel/weblate",
        "url": ""
    "payload": {
        "action": "opened",
        "issue": {
            "url": "",
            "labels_url": "{/name}",
            "comments_url": "",
            "events_url": "",
            "html_url": "",
            "id": 126812974,
            "number": 973,
            "title": "similarity strings appear even with empty MACHINE_TRANSLATION_SERVICES ",
            "user": {
                "login": "vfede",
                "id": 1517314,
                "avatar_url": "",
                "gravatar_id": "",
                "url": "",
                "html_url": "",
                "      followers_url": "",
                "following_url": "{/other_user}",
                "gists_url": "{/gist_id}",
                "starred_url": "{/owner}{/repo}",
                "subscriptions_url": "",
                "organizations_url": "",
                "repos_url": "",
                "events_url": "{/privacy}",
                "received_events_url": "",
                "type": "User",
                "site_admin": false
            "labels": [ ],
            "state": "open",
            "locked": false,
            "assignee": null,
            "milestone": null,
            "comments": 0,
            "created_at": "2016-01-15T05:59:59Z",
            "updated_at": "2016-      01-15T05:59:59Z",
            "closed_at": null,
            "body": "we are on weblate 2.2
we have this issue that keep translating strings with a \"similar\" string, e.g. it translated the new string \"Continue with Facebook\" with a previously added string \"Log in with Facebook\".
We would like to disable this behaviour, but it keeps doing that with MA      CHINE_TRANSLATION_SERVICES set with an empty array and even when commented out from config.
the fault is because of 'weblate.trans.machine.weblatetm.WeblateSimilarTranslation' enabled somewhere? or something else enabled anywhere?"
    "public": true,
    "created_at": "2016-01-15T06:00:01Z"
3. {
    "id": "3531183996",
    "type": "CreateEvent",
    "actor": {
        "id": 7233678,
        "login": "linguoliang",
        "gravatar_id": "",
        "url": "",
        "avatar_url": ""
    "repo": {
        "id": 49699738,
        "name": "linguoliang/QtDemo",
        "url": ""
    "payload": {
        "ref": null,
        "ref_type": "repository",
        "master_branch": "master",
        "description": "",
        "pusher_type": "user"
    "public": true,
    "created_at": "2016-01-15T06:00:01Z"


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<row Id="-1" Reputation="1" CreationDate="2008-07-31T00:00:00.000" DisplayName="Community" LastAccessDate="2008-08-26T00:16:53.810" WebsiteUrl="" Location="on the s        erver farm" AboutMe="&lt;p&gt;Hi, I'm not really a person.&lt;/p&gt;&#xA;&#xA;&lt;p&gt;I'm a background process that helps keep this site clean!&lt;/p&gt;&#xA;&#xA;&lt;p&gt;I do things like&lt;/p&        gt;&#xA;&#xA;&lt;ul&gt;&#xA;&lt;li&gt;Randomly poke old unanswered questions every hour so they get some attention&lt;/li&gt;&#xA;&lt;li&gt;Own community questions and answers so nobody gets unnec        essary reputation from them&lt;/li&gt;&#xA;&lt;li&gt;Own downvotes on spam/evil posts that get permanently deleted&lt;/li&gt;&#xA;&lt;li&gt;Own suggested edits from anonymous users&lt;/li&gt;&#xA;        &lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Remove abandoned questions&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/li&gt;&#xA;&lt;/ul&gt;&#xA;" Views="649" UpVotes="155541" DownVotes="683400" AccountId="-1" />

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<row Id="4" PostTypeId="1" AcceptedAnswerId="7" CreationDate="2008-07-31T21:42:52.667" Score="398" ViewCount="27509" Body="&lt;p&gt;I want to use a track-bar to change a form's opacity.&lt;/p&gt;&#xA;&#xA;&lt;p&gt;This is my code:&lt;/p&gt;&#xA;&#xA;&lt;pre&gt;&lt;code&gt;decimal trans = trackBar1.Value / 5000;&#xA;this.Opacity = trans;&#xA;&lt;/code&gt;&lt;/pre&gt;&#xA;&#xA;&lt;p&gt;When I try to build it, I get this error:&lt;/p&gt;&#xA;&#xA;&lt;blockquote&gt;&#xA;  &lt;p&gt;Cannot implicitly convert type 'decimal' to 'double'.&lt;/p&gt;&#xA;&lt;/blockquote&gt;&#xA;&#xA;&lt;p&gt;I tried making &lt;code&gt;trans&lt;/code&gt; a &lt;code&gt;double&lt;/code&gt;, but then the control doesn't work. This code has worked fine for me in VB.NET in the past. &lt;/p&gt;&#xA;" OwnerUserId="8" LastEditorUserId="5455605" LastEditorDisplayName="Rich B" LastEditDate="2015-12-23T21:34:28.557" LastActivityDate="2016-02-11T04:17:34.323" Title="When setting a form's opacity should I use a decimal or double?" Tags="&lt;c#&gt;&lt;winforms&gt;&lt;type-conversion&gt;&lt;decimal&gt;&lt;opacity&gt;" AnswerCount="13" CommentCount="3" FavoriteCount="30" CommunityOwnedDate="2012-10-31T16:42:47.213" />

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<row Id="1" PostId="35314" Score="35" Text="not sure why this is getting downvoted -- it is correct! Double check it in your compiler if you don't believe him!" CreationDate="2008-09-06T08:07:10.730" UserId="1" />

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<row Id="6" PostHistoryTypeId="2" PostId="7" RevisionGUID="c30df0f4-a2d9-426e-a2dd-2cc3aa4d9205" CreationDate="2008-07-31T22:17:57.883" UserId="9" Text="The explicit cast to double in the first answer isn't necessary - identifying the constant as 5000.0 (or as 5000d) is sufficient." />

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_id in-00000001
name {“family_name" : "Mazalu MBA”, "given_name" : "Dr Catalin"}
locality United States
skills "Key Account Development”, "Strategic Planning”, "Market Planning”, "Team Leadership”,…]
industry Medical Devices
summary SALES MANAGEMENT / BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT / PROJECT MANAGEMENTDOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL KEY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENTBusiness and Sales Executive with 20 years of accomplished career track, reflecting extensive experience and dynamic record-breaking performance in the Medical Industry markets. Exceptional communicator, strong team player, flexible self-starter with consultative sales style, strong negotiations skills, exceptional problem solving abilities, and accurate customer assessment aptitude. Manage and lead teams to success, drive new business through key accounts management, establish partnerships, manage solid distributor relationship for increased profitability and sales volumes. Very well organized, accurate and on-time administrative work, with a track record that demonstrates self-motivation, creativity, sales team leadership, initiative to achieve corporate, team and personal goals. Experience in the following markets: Medical Devices, Medical Disposables, Capital Equipment, Pharmaceuticals
also_view [{"url" : "","id" : "pub-krisa-drost-45-909-513"},{"url" : "","id" : "pub-florin-ut-18-b33-77b”…]